Can a civil (Structure) engineer work as an architect?(If he trains and study enough about architecture)?

A civil engineer doesn't do structures, the do the grading plans and things prior to the structure...
a structural engineer can work as an architect because the architect does the designing and the structural makes sure it can stand, so yes you can.
The answer varies from state to state, but architects, like doctors, are licensed to practice their professions, and the state regulates who may and who may not practice architecture. Having said that, the construction of buildings previously designed by architects is routinely supervised by engineers. The source below is typical.
nop! architects know about design but civil knows about how to construct! you can take your bachlor in civil and master in architects;) then you can work as both:D im doing that one too:D
In many states, structural engineering is taught as a specialty in Civil Engineering. It would be easier for an engineer to cross train as an architect than the other way around. The engineer already has a lot of math and physics. Architects ususaly train with mor of an art background and would have a lot of catch up to do with the math.
Anybody can work as an architect.
But you just have to keep in mind that
Frank Lloyd Wright didn't
design The Guggenheim Museum,
because he thought Civil Engineers were
great architects.
i am a chemical engineer. i did a job interviwe with a design engineering firm. they did plant upgreades and construction. I do know that I did have to get a PE certificate. those are administrated by the state and will only work in some states.
typically, engineers do a much better job at designing a building than an architect.

We keep architects on board for the bathrooms

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