Advanced fluid mechanic question?answer this question in 24 hours and get a gift from iran.?

Importan:this question is from "currie's" book :"fundamental mechanics of fluids?

I want to know the solution of problem 1.10 of the named book. specially the second part.the question is here:
...if the fluid is stratified, the density (Ro) will depend, in general, on both x and y. show that the transformation:
u# = sqrt(Ro/Ro0)*u and v#=sqrt(Ro/Ro0)*v
in which Ro0 is a constant reference density, transforms these governing equations(continuity and momentum equations(navier-stokes)) into those of a constant-density fluid whose velocity components are u# and v#. the flow is 2-dimensional, steady, and fluid is inviscid.
note:the solution of the problem is very important please notify me if you know the answer as soon as is a homework and i just have 2 days left.

A gift from Iran eh?

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