Does anyone have detailed instructions on how to build a robot or some degree of experience in robot design?

There are multiple types of robots...could you be more specific?

For parts I would recommend you check out

They sell a huge variety of parts, plus some pre-designed kits to help you build your first robot.

Good luck!
Go find some asian kid. They can definitely help you out.
That does not compute, Beep!

Try searching for Robot Wars - I think they give advice on building robots, or would have links to someone who does?
Don't know what size robot you were thinking of, I'd get an old laptop PC and buy a USB breakout board to control the robot. There's lots of kit's about, but you can spend a lot on it, but what a great hobby.
The monthly mag everyday practical electronics, available from larger newsagents such as whs, carries many ads for robotics parts. Also, maplins sells various books on robotics.

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