Can aeroplane hold in the air for while?...?

some of my friend said that they seen an aeroplane hold on air for some time... so please give me ans.. its possible or not...

that depends on what you mean by "hold in the air". only a few planes can hover because they can point the engine downward to lift it like a helicopter...but normal planes.if they're not moving forward, then they will fall. Of course if an airplane lost engine power it would glide, but gliding is moving forward, so it wouldn't just fall out of the sky.
If you mean remain stationary then the Harrier is designed for it with its vectored thrust. It's also the "party" piece of the MIG29 (which is not designed for it) at air shows.
no its not possible.
no its not.unless it is facing a very fast wind against the hood...which is a disaster for the plane
yes, if it is air less area.
no i hav never exprienced that
No, it would violate Bernoulli's Principle
I think what you're referring to is called "short-takeoff and vertical-landing" (STOVL) fighter jets. STOVL enables a plane to take off in a few hundred feet and land vertically. However the aircraft must be low enough to "hover" above the ground. A good example is the F-35. Watch Diehard 4.0 coz i think the movie shows an F-35's capability in terms of "holding in the air for a while".

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