Computing pressure?

hi! plz help me with my homework, the question is...
the barometer of a mountain hiker reads 93 mbars at the beginning of a hiking trip and 780 mbars at the end. neglecting the effect of altitude on local gravitational acceleration, determine the vertical distance climbed. Assumed average air density of 1.18kg/m^3 and take g= 9.7 m/s^2. plz provide me the solution, the answer is 1289 meter,thank you!

Normally, you would use the barometric formula. Because you mention "average" you may be doing something different. Try this.

z*density*g=930 millibars-780 millibars (make sure you convert to Pascal)

z = 1311 m

This is close to your 1289 m. That is the best I can do given your data. If you use g = 9.807 m/s^2 you get 1296 m, which is closer.
h x air density x g = ( p1 - p2 ) x 10^-3 x 1.0197
where ,
h = elevation difference in m.
p1,p2 = barometer reading at beginning and at end of hike in mbar

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