Fuses and what protect against short circuits?

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Fuses and circuit breakers protect against short circuits.
fuses are pieces of plastic that melt when over used or whatever .: not letting the current to continue its path. now they use breakers, which basicly theres this piece of metal that moves so that the current doesn't finnish its path
fuses and circuit breakers protect from power surges which can heat wires and cause fires. they should be the right kind too match the wiring they are being used with. always should be put in by an electrician in the home. you will actually not be covered by your home owners insurance if they are the wrong kind and were not put in by an electrician.
Just an observation to wintermag's answer above: Fuses AREN'T made of plastic, simply because plastic can't conduct electricity. They're made of metal, usually copper wire.
circuit breakers!
Fuses and circuit breakers protect against short circuits and overloads. They are the best method of preventing electrical fires.
Fuses protect against short circuits but need to be replaced when they blow.
Circuit breakers trip to protect against short circuits and can be reset once the problem is fixed.
A corollary of Murphy's law for electronics states that the most expensive, difficult to access and unobtainable component will protect both circuit breakers and fuses by blowing first.
Fuse's will burn up once the circuits max ampere is exceded and must be replaced. There are multiple types ceramic, glass see thru, round, screw in, push in Etc.

Circuit breakers can be reset. If the short is still in the circuit. they will continue trip and will not allow you to reset them. Once the short circuit has been fixed the C/B will need to cool off for a few minutes.
circuit breakers

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