Is chain or cable harder to break?

If you had plastic covered braided steel cable and chromed chain of the same thickness, which would be harder to break?

I imagine it would be harder to cut or saw the solid chain.

I am asking this to figure out what is best to use to secure my motorcycle to some steel pipes.

When you say, "of the same thickness" , I assume you mean that the diam of the cable is the same as the wire made to make a link in the chain...

That being the case, then *definitely* the chain - you have to cut through a link TWICE to break a chain! Unless the metal is so flimsy you could pry it apart, but even then, that's an advantage for the chain, as once the cable is cut, it's done.
well mate..i dont know. But i do know that on aircraft carriers they use massive giant rediculously heavy CHAINS on there enkers not cables. But then again they use giant cables to hold up suspension bridges lol. hmmmmm...
It is not possible to compare the "thickness" of a chain with that of a cable. They are made in two entirely different ways.

Each size of cable and each size of chain has its own specified tensile strength and resistance to cutting. So buy what you need to give you the protection you need. The sales person will be able to give you some advice.

The cable will certainly be easier to handle. Just be sure you have the right kind of terminations and fastenings.
braided cable is actually harder to cut as the individual strands cut seperatly. for your purpose, since the cable is lighter and less expensive it would work fine.
Cable is extremely hard to saw through. Chain, on the other hand, may resist a bolt cutters better. My preference would be multiple cables, since the chain is so costly.

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