Building a time machine?

Hey I am interested in building a time machine. Does anyone know anything about them and how do they work.

First you'd need to have a great knowledge in physics. Based on Einstein's idea that time and space are intertwined and create a fabric, you'd need a way to rip a hole in that fabric to create shortcuts to different points in the time-space continuum. Doing that would require tons of energy, probably enough to take out several blocks or maybe half the output of standard power plants. What's more, you'd need just as much to keep it open. There are theories though that even if you simply touch something in the past, you could alter history and make big changes in the future. Great ambition to build a time machine, but please, I think we should be realistic and practical. We don't have full knowledge on how to accomplish this and there are consequences to time travel, especially if bad guys get their hand at it. It could completely destroy everything.
They work just fine, and we've used them to keep you totally surrounded and controlled so that you never find out about them and become a problem in the future past.
Sure we have the answers here on Yahoo.
You are not ready for it on the planet you live on. Goofball. Thanks for the 2 points.
You're in luck. see to build a time machine, means to go to the future and to the past. BUT to do this you must first understand all aspects of time and space. two. depending on when in time you were wanting to go, be able to actually place you're self at just the right spot where the earth was at that point in the past. be able to do calculus and quantum physics. the machine it self, you will need a huge quartz crystal.
they work really good and now days they're really comfty unlike the stone age ones and all you need isa penny conected to a batery thats all!
Yahoo search "Bill Beatty's Weird Science" pages for details of actual experiments in this field.

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