Does turning a light off cut power to socket or do have to cut the breaker power?

Its a pain to cut power off the breaker when removing a broken bulb? Thus the question

Just because a light is out doesn't mean that the socket isn't hot. Obviously you switch the light off, but if anything else on that circuit is on, then that circuit is still live. Lighting and outlets are on a parallel circuit, which means that anything connected to that circuit that is on is completing the circuit. Draw a diagram and look at how the electricity can flow. Electricians don't like to call just one side of a circuit "hot" for just that reason.
I don't turn off the breaker, but I do use electrically insulated pliers to grab the remains of the bulb and twist it out. If you are skittish and aren't sure if you have the right pliers, turn off the breaker.
PS: How many lights do you break? - This shouldn't be happening unless you have frequent wild parties.
yes. turning the switch off cuts the power to the bulb. is much safer to cut the breaker. it is better to be safe than sorry.
The socket is unpowered when you turn the light off, so it is not necessary to sever the breaker. It would, however, be an extra measure of safety. Still, my parents never severed the breakers when they changed lightbulbs, and neither of them ever got electrocuted.
it turns of power to the socket. but you should always turn off power to the breaker also. just in case someone else flips the switch whilst your back is turned..
Hey, here's how to change a light bulb. Grasp the light bulb only by its GLASS surface, unscrew it from the socket without touching the socket. Then get a new bulb, and do the same thing, but this time screwing it back in. This works regardless if the light is on or off, or if the breaker is on or off. Glass is an excellent insulator of electricity. It does not matter even if you're standing in a pool of water.

It's a good habit to change light bulbs in only this way all the time, just in case you run into a dead bulb in a live socket.

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