Do you think there will be wireless Electricity some day?

I do hope there is wireless electricity some day...^_^

That someday may be an awfully long time from now, but I don't think it's fundamentally impossible. The practical difficulty is how would it be possible to "transmit" enormous energy flows without frying things in the way, such as using laser beams or focused microwaves or particle beams. The idea has been around since Tesla's time. However, neutrinos can carry momentum and therefore possess energy, and vast quantities are already passing right through us and the entire Earth, like we're made of the most transparent glass. So if we ever discovered a way to "engage" them at a far higher rate than we're even able to do now (it's extremely difficult to detect even ONE!), then that would be a good way to "wirelessly", and "non-destructively" transmit power. Real sci fi stuff, but not outright impossible. Thnk of all the things we could do if this were possible. Permanently levitating hovercraft, for instance, since it would get its power from the ground somewhere.
Well.. It's not impossible (no matter *what* Pop thinks ☺) but it's pretty unlikely. The energyu used has to be transported somehow. And if it's in the form of some sort of 'beam' the energy density would be high enough to kill anything that got into it. It's be just too unsafe to try and do that.

OTOH, batteries have come a long way and probably have a long way still to go.

Who knows...I think that anything is's just making it possible that's the problem.
yes there is. but might not replace wire. wireless mean spread spread mean less efficient wile wire are concentrated. it's like LAN and W-LAN which one is the fastest and efficients?
We already have the van der Graaf generator and lightning storms, does it not already exist?
There already is, has been around for a while. Microwaves. You can transmit a microwave beam to a microwave dish miles away. Then convert the microwave to electricity. Though you do lose some of the power.
Then again there is always solar power, solar cells convert light to electricity, they are getting better these days.
We do now. Have you ever seen a thunderstorm?
A Tesla coil can cause a fluorescent lamp to light wothout wires. Tesla did all kinds of weird things without wires.
all ready have it. it's called lightning
As people pointed out not only can it be done it is done right now, and for very small amounts of electricity you might have already come in contact with it in things like badges and Radio ID Tags which get their power from the scanner which can be aways away, also there is the rechargeable toothbrush that don't actually make and electrical connection and such but I would think what might be more likely is that power will stop being generated in central places and be generate close to where it is needed.

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