Am I stupid or did I make the right decision?

I'm going University in September and I decided to major in Geological Engineering. Yes, I know half of you people are all like "WTH is that?"...Yaa all my friends said the same thing. But I believe geological engineering is growing everyday and especially how minerals such as petroleum and water will be scarce in the future, people would nheed a geological engineer. But, I'm not too certain if I did make the right choice for myself. If any of you know ANYTHING (which I doubt, no offense) about geological engineering please do give me some feedback about this faculty and it's future. Thanks :)

You know there are very few people in this world that would consider Engineering as a career. Most people would think this is a boring job or that you are a nerd and blah blah blah, but if you are really interested and have a passion for it, then go for it. A professor once told me "You will never be successful if you do not have a passion for what you do." This applies to any field not just Engineering. It will be hard at first but then the pay off will come. Especially if you have a passion for geology, believe me we need more people like you to save us from us destroying our planet!
well ill rather be something that makes my life better by gettin money
This is an excellent discipline. Personally, if you want to know about minerals and junk, I would look for a mining engineering division. Aside from Chemical engineers, they have one of the highest expected pay rates of any type of engineers in the future.

If you love rocks (my god, you need to love rocks), this is a great discipline. Most people think it's stupid because they don't know what it's about, and they figure it's the same as geology.

It's got a good future, just as much (if not more) than any engineering faculty.
if its gonna make you happy the go for it!
Just follow your heart, my friend.

I was accepted into aerospace engineering program of Arizona State a year ago. The only reason I chose aerospace was because of the good pay. But I have no desire to desire to design missiles or fighter jets at all. Making weapon is not cool!!

Then I found out about environmental engineering. I made a switch immediately, since I like to study about the nature and want to do something to protect our environment. I have no regret at all, even though I know an environmental engineer makes less then an aerospace engineer, but I just follow my heart and my passion.
I don't think you made a stupid decision. You're furthering your education and THAT is smart no matter what you're studying.

However, I think your decision was based on the wrong things. Are you really interested in geological engineering? Are you basing your decision more because of the demand there might be or because it's something you want to learn about and make a part of your life?

If in fact you ARE interested in this and think you'll enjoy it there's nothing anyone should ever tell you to change your mind. So, stop reading now, tell the naysayers where they can shove their opinion and have a nice day!

All my life I've been told - and I'm sure I'm not alone - do what you love and the money will follow. Everyone seeks happiness, or at least everyone should. I'm 25 years old and still don't know what I'd like to be when I grow up. I DO know that manual labor isn't for me. I do LOVE helping people, though, and making them happy. So for right now I'm focused more toward customer service. Right now I work 2 jobs in that field and work around 60 hours a week, but I LOVE it. Sure, I could make the same or more money working 40 in another field, but I wouldn't be as happy.

Assuming you'll go to University for four years, that will be four years of your life that you will have to devote to learning about geological engineering. That's quite a while to be immersed in something you really don't give a hoot about and just want something to make a good living. That's not even counting that you could end up spending 10-15 years doing this sort of thing. So, call it an even 20 years. Are you okay with that?

If not, I suggest you find yourself something you enjoy and be the absolute best you can be at it. Specialists in ANY field make a GREAT deal of money. Does an expert clerk at a grocery store have a fortune? No, and that's not what I mean. Salesmen provide incredible customer service and the good ones earn a VERY good living.

Good luck with whatever you do and hope you're happy!
If you like to learn, and like to study, the decision is ok!
If you want to be useful, OK
If you enjoy travel to mountains, deserts, plains, jungles,, OK
If you want to meet exotic people, OK
But if you prefer to know common people, live in a house with AC, go to parties, to have a luxury car, to have a spouse exchangeable, and a stable life,then try odontology, bussines adm. or laws.

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