What is the difference between electric and electronic?

Electronic implies signal
Electric implies power

Here's a factoid. California Polytechnics University has 2 distinct engineering programs:
- Electrical ngineering. It has emphasis on power circuits. This is the last electric power engine ring program in the US.
- Electronic Engineering. A "common" small signal EE program.
Nothing really... electric usually is used for something that just uses electrical power (like a electric motor), but the same can be used interchangably.
the word electronic can be used as a noun. the word electric cannot. electric is the root word of electricity.
electirc is what powers the lights and things of your home and comes from a power plant...electrionic"s are the things that run off of the electirc...i.e. tv, computer, dvd player, vcr..etc.
Electric deal with the generation of electrons flow while the electronics deals with the controlling of the electron flow.
An Electrician can run wires, switches, breakers, and sockets to supply the infrastructure for electric supply.
Ask an Electrician to explain a simple transistor circuit, and he won't have a clue (99%).
An Electronic Technician/Engineer can build (mostly low power) circuits to do the most amazing things, but he is not allowed (licensed) to install a cable to a fuse box.

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