What does an engineer wear to work every day?

I was assigned this project where I have to plan a budget for an entire year...my role is that I'm an engineer at Pratt & Whitney...everything was easy except the clothing budget.What does an engineer wear to work?

If you're in the office, then it is most likely business casual -- khaki trousers and an open collar shirt.

Since P&W is a manufacturer, it is possible that you'll be spending some time on the factory floor. You may be required to wear steel-toed shoes in certain locations. (figure about $75 US)
In an engineering office, it is usally business casual dress.
Typically business casual in the office, except if there is a casual Friday when jeans are acceptable.

If you have to go out in the field to visit customers a suit is most appropriate.

If you have to visit sites or the factory for start-up or troubleshooting then a set of work clothes (typically jeans and a long sleeve shirt and maybe company-provided safety shoes).

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