Anyone an engineer?

I've been thinking about majoring in engineering next year in college and needed some opinions. What type of engineer are you? How long did you have to go to college for? Do you make a decent salary? And do you enjoy your job? Thanks!

I'm a degreed mechanical engineer working in mechanical design. I have a "four year" degree which I intentionally spent six years getting (since I was working full time too.)

EVERYONE has something they don't like about their job, but overall I love it. If I were to win the lottery, this is the type of thing I'd be doing. I would form my own company and pursue projects I think would be more interesting though.

One of my main likes about the job is that you're treated like an adult, unless you prove you can't be trusted. Many jobs will keep you on a short leash. As an engineer you're allowed some leeway in how you get things done as long as you produce results.

School can be tough, but a person of reasonable intelligence can get through it if he really wants to. Starting pay, depending on region, discipline, and school reputation is roughly $45-55K(US) annually.
if you like the field it is definately worth it my dads friend is an engineer and he is loaded, his wife doesnt have to work and his job is very laid back and he seems to have a lot of fun
Control systems. Eight years for two bachelor degrees and two masters degrees, each in something different involving engineering (except for one BA). I made a decent salary but it got much higher when I went into engineering management. Engineering work is always a mental challenge so it keeps your brain happy. If you are on the right projects you can also do some great free travel and ahve accomplishments you can brag about.
I have been an electrical engineer for almost 30 years. My specialty is electromagnetics (antennas, communications, radar, etc.). I have a BS, MS and a PhD. I took 4 years to get the BS, one year to get the MS and the equivalent of about 3 more years to get the PhD. It is not uncommon for folks with my educational background and experience to make $150K/year. Starting salaries for engineers with a BS are in the $60K range.

I love my job as I actually get paid to design, fabricate and test (sometimes in flight) hardware that is put to actual use by customers.

You must love mathematics and physics and be willing to work very hard in school. If not, I would recommend against pursuing a career in engineering. I recommend finding a career that will keep your interest and be fun, regardless of how much one gets paid.

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