Which pays more IT or Mech Engr., which prospect is easieler to get a job in the next five years?

Hello All,
another brainy question. which area will you counsel a person to specialise : between IT and Mechanical engineering, why do you suggest and of these will you love your kid to do if you could make that choice.
which of this two will pay more in the next five years ?
Will you advice someone to change from mechanical engineering to IT or from IT to mechanical engineering if the had the chance to do that. Compare the two fields from various ends and share you the facts, your opinions and your thoughts

I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and I can tell you from experience that you are better of getting a degree in Engineering. My dad and all his friends were Engineers and over their lifetime they have all been happy and successful. The opposite seems to be true for IT.

Additionally, something to consider is that Engineers can get into IT much easier than IT people can get into Engineering.
A person with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters (or other training) in IT would be in very high demand and would likely make a killing in the job market.
On average, mech. engineers get paid more than IT guys. (I'm talking about system and network admins, etc. NOT computer science / programmer types.)

However, I think its much easier to get a job in IT -- there's a lot more demand.
You would have an easier time forcasting what the weather will be in 5 years. One thing about engineering - there are no guarantees. Pick the one you like most.

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