Are you an engineering nerd?

Yes I am and so are approximately 6.3% of the population!
No and don't know any!
No, I'm not.
give a full explanation of the NERD before answering.
That's super-nerd.
No. What a nerd question...
Nope, I am a rich retired cool engineer.
Most of the cool kids in high school turn out to be looooosers.
Stay in school, get an education.
I'm a planner.I'm an engineering nerd wannabe. ;)
hope so cos im doing civil engineering next year in college
No, the only real nerds left
are the people who took
Cheney 101 in college.
So they're all watching
Oprah now, rather than
making Moon Robots
with the winners.
The common meaning of the word "nerd" is "a person who expresses an interest".

This is in complete contradiction to the culturally cool image of "am I bothered?".

Yes I have an interest. I always want to know how something works, how it is made, and what it can be used for.
yup and an engineering (electrical) student
yes, i am an engineering nerd.

and i make enough money to pay
a hundred guys like you to work for me.
and you will be working for people
like me for the rest of your life.

btw, nerd was originally spelled knurd,
it drunk spelled backwards.

is that nerdy enough for you?
now get back to work.
dont agree with nerd but i hope so

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