Finding a job in Engineering, can I choose the city?

My girlfriend(future wife) is planning on going to vet school at Colorado State University in Fort Collins after we have received our bachelor's degrees, which is in two years. Being separated for four years while she gets her degree seems less than ideal. I know finding a job can be a very competitive process, and if I followed her, I'd be moving to a college city that I'm assuming would favor its own graduates to most outside universities'. Would it be feasible for me to plan on getting a decent job in engineering out there?

note: I should be receiving my bachelor's degree from Texas Tech University after spring 2009, and I currently have about a 3.5

If you HAVE a degree, then you should be qualified, and engineering jobs are relatively scarce, so that shouldn't be a problem.
You should however be flexible, it's possible to get a job that doesn't require your specific set of engineering skills, while still being suited for you. Companies like engineers, specifically for our problem-solving-oriented way of thinking.
Try and look for jobs in that area

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