I am tring to patent an invention, what is the best possible way to patent it?

Tell me all about it and I will help you patent it.
If you ask a question that depends on which country you live in you should really specify it.

In my case the process is described in the link.
You need to find a good patent attorney.
send me the design, mechanism and all other information of ur invention.. ill get it patented for u
The first thing I would do is protect yourself
with what is called a poor mans patent.


This protects it from being stolen by others
who say they wish to help you patent it
(like these others who are posting here).
You are then better able to show the idea to
others with less concern of them stealing the idea.

But then I would consider talking to a lawyer.
You need a bank account with a chunk of money (about $5000 or so) that you can spare. Then you need to look for a firm that specializes in patent law. Write up a narrative of what you have in mind (the only part of the process that is free) and talk to an attorney at that firm telling what you have in mind.

The attorney would ask some basic no-no questions (like have you publicly published a description of your invention or was it developed while you were hired by a company in that field or is it some crackpot perpetual motion machine) and some basic yes-yes questions (like do you have the funds to complete the application process and the technical skill in that field to know what is obvious as the present state of the art).

If your answers make sense they will carry it through to an application and whatever revisions are needed for the application to be accepted. They will advise you on documenting what progress you need to make in showing that you have gone ahead with continuing your early efforts on the invention and what documentation you need to show your efforts.

If the patent is issued they can help you defend it against violators and other patent holders who claim to have done something earlier.
For step-by-step guidelines on the patenting process, have a look at the site listed below. Hope it helps.

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