About color coding of resistors...?

If you were given a maximum and minimum value of resistance of a certain resistor, how to know its corresponding color code? I really needed a MATHEMATICAL analysis for this one...

Resistance values are usually given in ohms, with a percentage as to how far from the value it may stray. ~
20% is normal, but 10%, 5% and 1 % are available. The color codes are standard and can be established either from the color code or from the resistance.
? mathematical analysis ?

color codes of resistors can be 4-digit, or 5-digit

just to avoid typing my fingers bloody on this
have a look at this diagram:

which i find kind of self explaining

now i'm curious what kind of mathematical analysis you are about to perform from this.
The only "mathematical analysis" I can think of is that of the multiplier band, in that the number of Zeroes to be added behind the basic value is expressed by one single value.

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