Any experienced AutoCAD users here?

I'm trying to print out a drawing that is 1:1. The drawing will be about 45" x 49". How do I make AutoCAD print out the drawing on 8.5"x11" paper of the whole drawing? I'm trying to print out the drawing so that each 8.5"x11" paper will have a small portion of the whole drawing so that I can piece together each piece. I don't have a large plotter.

AutoCAD cannot tile a large page automatically, but you can try to fudge it. The problem this approach is that printers cannot print all the way to the edge, so you will have to cut the edges off each page.

1: Go to a layout and set it up to print for the printer you desire. Set it up to print layout (not extents or view or whatever), and plot at 1:1 scale.
2: Delete the default viewport.
3: type mv and press enter, then type f and press enter. This makes a viewport that is the maximum size.
4: resize the viewport to more convenient dimensions, for example: if it is 8.13 by 10.35 inches, you should change it to 8 x 10 inches.
5: Select the viewport and adjust the scale to 1:1, you can do this from the properties menu or activate the viewport by doubleclicking and type z <enter> 1xp <enter>
6: turn on ortho (press F8 until it says ortho on)
7: activate the viewport by doubleclicking, then pan around in the viewport and get to the lower left corner of what you want to print.
8: deactivate the viewport and print.
9: activate the viewport and type -p <enter>, then assuming your viewport dimensions are 8x10 you pan 10 inches in the "x" direction or 8 inches on the "y" direction. FYI, you can't pan using the middle mouse button because it won't pan exactly 8 or 10 inches.
10: imagine the pages you want to print as a grid and continue with steps 8 and 9 until you cross the bottom row. Then pan up 8 inches and pan across the next row and continue until you are done.
11: cut the pieces out and paste them together.
Here's how I'd do it. The first guy is right you're going to have to do some trimming. But first you need to layout out a grid on your drawing. First you need to go into the page set up and see what your print area is. Its different for brands and types of printers.

When you select a printer on the layout tab it will give you the available printer area eg. 7.9375 x 10.1842". Next you have to layout a grid on your drawing in those increments then you just print out each window in the grid and splice it together. It will be helpful if you overlay some alignment marks to line up the drawings.

I've never gotten very good results doing that. The other option is to go to Kinko's or some other printing outfit and have them print it off for you.
Kinkos has autocad and large format plotters that you can use to print out your drawings

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