50 Hz vs 60 Hz fridge...pls see details?

i have bought fridge its 50 hz.but i want to use it with 60 hz.
will it be problem?
there is any hz transformers

A 50Hz fridge will run without problems on 60Hz power.
But the important question is the Voltage.
If the rated voltage of the fridge matches the voltage of your household electrical power installation, then you are o.k.
The two main voltage ranges are either 220-240VAC or 110-120VAC

There is no simple "Hz-transformer" that would have 60Hz at the input and 50Hz at the output.

It would require a rectifier/alternator to change the frequency.
Generally Hz is meant cycles per second. if it is 60 Hz equipment, it requires designed Ac voltage with 60 cycles per second to operate the equipment with designed speed. in this case the compressor of the fridge will work with little higher speed than the designed speed which may raise the heat decipation of the compressor and this heat decipation is negligible. to my knowledge compressor will work and the fridge can be used as same as 50hz fridge. there is an electronic equipment called as a supermisor that is widely used in huge motors to conserve energy by reducig the freqeuncy (hz) which will reduce the motor speed and simultaneously the power consumption. varying the Hz the speed of the motor can be reduced or increased. so far i have'nt seen any xformer for 50hz to 60hz.

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