What is meant by Q.S. in electrical field, and explain about duties &responsibilities of QS?

*Quantity Surveyor.
*Q.S. Engineers (Electrical)
*Education Required :
At least Prof'l License(Passed Board/Bar/Prof'l License Exam)
*Skills Required:
Should have experience in Civil construction building and utilities; of these years should be experienced in quantity surveying or bidding section doing quantity take off, pricing, estimating, scheduling,resources estimation.
Should be skilled with computer applications MS word, MS Excel, Timberline precision estimating program.
Should have good practical experience on HV, MV districution works in general
Familiar with all types of Electrical conducts, wiring, fittings, cable trays, junction boxes and wires, Electrical Circuits, standby generators, switch boards and panel boards, dry transformers, motor control center, grounding system, lighting fixtures, exit lighting receptacles. Disconnect switches, Fire alarm system, clock system, public address and telephone system, audio visual system,MTVA & CCTV system.

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