► Saving Planet Earth ◄?

What is the single biggest thing that we all could do that would have the most significant effect on the conservation of planet Earth?

go into exstinction as a human race would have the biggest positive effect

but seriously there is no single thing

here are some things

global warming cannot be stopped but we can stop helping it becoming faster,and being friendlier to out Environment cannot be bad

these are Al gores sites


if you want to help the planet ,plant a tree every week ,if everyone on the planet did we we would be able to slowdown the destructive processes

reduce carbon emisions,and they are already working on that by alternative forms of energy and regulations on carbon producing materials,aerosol cans,burning rubbish,industrial chimneys,powerplants etc.

the capture of carbon and the production of water and assist the aquiferous manta.

the world bank pays large subsidies for reforrestation to capture carbon and the best tree for this is the Pawlonia

Waterharvesting projects ,such as millions of small dams.to redirect over ground waterflows from the rains into the ground to supply subteranian water supplies.

the protection of existing forrests.

stop building more highways,urban planning to include vegetation stop building cities encourage people to return to the land to conduct their business from there which now has become possible thanks to the internet.

education to motivate people to auto sufficiency by building more home food gardens.

education on environmental awareness
education on family planning to curb over´populaion

Agricultural education and improvements to follow the principals or sustainability and soil management.

more environmental or land ,design to prevent bush fires,such as--fire breaks

,more dams.regulations and control for public behaviour

alternative effeciant public transport to discourage the use of the internal conbustion engine

recicling wastes,limit water use

here are a 100 more ways

Stop burning oil......and keep the republicans out of office for a while
If everyone in this planet will plant 1 tree, it will make a lot of difference.
i believe we should stop cutting down trees because they supply oxygen to our planet keeping our atmosphere healthy and supplying air for us to breath.
Stop driving.
Stop having children. If we the human race is the demise of earth, maybe we shouldn't breed. Less children means the population would stay the same,meaning less pollution, less food to grow, and when the elderly start dying off, the population would even be less.
Cut our population growth - a one child policy would definitely be helpful which would mean we would have a decreasing population. Also encouragement given to people who didn't want children. There are too many of us living on this planet that is what is causing the problem. We have lost the natural balance
use cloth napkins, diapers, tissue!

yeah it would consisted of more washing but you wash your clothing dont' you! what is one more 10" by 10" clothing going to use!
if your smart about it~
that and refusal to buy individual wrapped items! like fruit snacks that come in a box and are wrapped again!
honestly tho it's too late to do anyting about it! we should of had this topic like 10 years ago it should of been the main thing

OH another one
We could realize that we are all living in the same place... that the oceans and the atmosphere join us all together.

For what it's worth, my full feelings on this subject are here:


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