Are there any low cost and fun ways to keep my how family green?

I just got a new car so no buy a Totya Pruis and where can i get these things

Instead of buying new things, (but you really need something) try the garage sales and thrift stores...tell your kids you are on a treasure hunt...allow them to dress up like pirates, so they will really be in the mood!

Try growing your own food (seeds and seedlings are cheap)- you do not have to have a major garden, just something small - kids love to help with all that dirt, the watering, seeing it grow - and what a sense of accomplishment when you eat what you grow!

Reuse your grocery bags or get some real cheap at the thrift store. Have the kids decorate them and be in charge of getting them back into the car.

Have your children make their own gifts and cards by using recycled things around the house. Newspapers make great gift wrap - and so does school art work.

Start a worm compost bin under the kitchen sink! Start up does not cost that much, and kids think it is cool to feed scraps to the worms! There are plenty of websites on that to help you out...

When you get enough ideas and start incorporating them in your daily life, have the kids take turns playing the 'green police'...keep an active chart going, showing what you are doing, and have the child of the day (or week) make sure everyone is still doing there job! Give them extra points for finding even more ways to conserve and keep the family green!
Good Luck!
Walk everywhere you can together. Volunteer in your community to plant trees. Start a community recycling program.

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