Why do we need to protect the environment?

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Humans need clean air to breathe. Sixty years ago our big cities were clogged with industrial smog, and people died from it. Well, they were mainly old people, and they were going to die anyway.
Unless you are out to die slowly and painfully, protecting the environment means protecting our food supply, the water we drink, and the air that we breathe.
We don't!
God created the Earth to last for an exact amount of time... not one second more or less!
So... let's play, and stop all this needless worrying!
It is because we must not be selfish and irresponsible for our environment (Earth).
I believe in Teddy Roosevelt, the first Environmental President. To ensure that our Children has cute fuzzy animals to shoot.
From my strict free-market point of view:

Because it's a resource that we all own collectively, but which can be destroyed for free. We need environmental regulations to move the true costs to society to the people who damage the environment (a "full-cost accounting"), and limit emissions to a level where there is the optimal mix of sustainability and production.

We all want clean air, clean water, and a global climate free of unnatural shifts in temperature. We have a responsibility to protect species we hurt, and we have an interest in protecting those we consume or benefit from. We have the obligation to ensure that our children and children's children enjoy these same rights before it's too late for them to do anything about it.
Because I will have children, and they will have children. The laws of Nature (which could be perceived as the laws of God, depending on your beliefs) dictate that we give our children better than we ourselves have received. That we protect and guide them. Destroy our planet, and we harm our children.
It really hasn't been proven that the environment is in trouble. There are a bevy of sciencists who contradict the alarmists of the world who are screaming destruction. Sure, Gore made a movie on the problems with the environment but there is another film coming out that shows, just as convincingly, that it's all one big fraud. We need more valid research before I'm convinced.
the Environment in important because

we life in a closed interrelated system because something is at the other end of the world it is easy to say it is not important we are all part of the same system that surrounds the planet

all life is connected through the medium of water and 99 molecules out of a hundred ,in most living things is water .
animals `plants ,and us
a collection of ecosystems all interrelated and depending on each other
animals and plants are components of our environment
mess with any of it and we will have to cope with the effects ,
maybe not instantly but eventually always

the biomass we need to produce the atmosphere oxygen,organic material,food ,climate and water .
and the animals are agents of the biomass (they work for nature)

in the autemn there is an excess of carbon released because of the dead organic material ,the seas and waters when cool absorb this,in the spring when the new growth requires carbo the warmer waters release it ,so in con junction with the seas and rivers the bio mass on this planet maintains a balanced atmosphere for us to breathe.
now with the mass deforrestation(decrease in bio mass)coupled to the increase in carbon emissions,industrial chimneys,aerosol cans,motor cars,burning of plastics and tires to name but a few ,the carbon production by far exeeds what the bio-mass and the waters can handle,and so effect into global warming and the destruction of the ozone layers,
so to counter act these fatal processes we must reforrest and at the same time reduce our carbon emissions.
most governments are aware of these and many first world countries now include programs to reduce their carbon emissions.

the forrests make most of the water that we can drink or use for plant growth(sweet water)
some is condensed from the sea but that reaches only the coastel aereas .
the bulk ,comes from the forests ,and the rivers come from the rainfall which comes from the trees ,
and the trees with precipitation,feed the rivers when it is not raining and keep them running all year round.

If we kill all the trees,we kill the rivers .we kill the rain. we kill us.
the trees also absorb the heat in the day and heat up the place in the night ,so they keep the temperature confertable to live in.

these are some of the reasons why trees are important.

so plant a tree every week,and help us save the world .

read a planet under stress ,plan B --by Lester E Brown.
it is in an Adobe print out as well on the net.

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