Why do we pollute our plant?

It's only unavoidable to a degree; when pollutants are appearing not as a result of life processes, it is avoidable. However the activity which produced th epollutant could be much more beneficial than the cost of pollutation remediation.
If there is no remediation, then negligence and irresponsibility is to blame.
It's okay to make a mess, just clean it up.
i don't know why some people like to use fertilizer on their plant, it's hilarious
It is unavoidable. Any activity we do, no matter how carefully we do it, will cause some pollution. Even animals pollute. Animal droppings are pollution. At least human sewage is considered pollution, so I don't see why animals should get a free ride on dropping their poop anywhere they want without it being called pollution.
we pollute the planet because over time humans have become accustomed to doing things in easier and lazier ways which make pollution, we continue to pollute because we would rather do things the simple way; such as drive somewhere instead of walking or riding a bike which would talking longer and require more effort.
I used to stand out on my front porch on my acreage, and pee off the porch, I KILLED a nice little bush minding its on business,I was so ashamed.I realized that I was an idiot AFTER i killed it, its the same with the planet ,after we kill it ,some people might regret it.
we are not animals, we are humans
almost all the human activities contribute to pollution. plants, the life of animals, are the worst victims to this. as plants move, react, or revenge they are the most affected ones. it is the duty of everybody to conserve our plants/biodiversity.
when did we pollute a PLANT and how?

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