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1. Do not destroy their natural habitat or keep them away
from it. Take nothing but pictures.
2. Do not Kill especially the mothers or deplete their energy
by chasing. Kill nothing but time
3. Do not litter or leave your garbage in the wilderness.
Leave nothing but footprints.
4. Do not destroy or disturb natural settings. Bring nothing
but memories.
5. Simply put: LEAVE NO TRACE.
6. Stop buying wildlife and endangered species. Never buy!
7. Plant trees
8. Join Conservation Groups or Environmental advocates.
9. Promote and educate people of environmentalism
10. Lead by example.
Aside from passing laws that poachers and land developers will continue to break, buying a bunch of land is the best thing you can do. That way the land belongs to you and you can protect all the animals that live on it! You could research where endangered species live and buy land in their natural habitat. Public awareness campaigns have helped some, but ultimately it's businesses, people trying to make money, who are destroying these species, so reminding them how cute the animals are isn't effective.
Thanks to all of you wildlife protectors I am now so over run with white tailed deer that it is impossible for me to garden on my property.From my vegetables to my fruit trees and even my general landscaping plants - constantly wiped out by roving herds(hoards). Also with the increased deer traffic, there is also increased predator traffic. Coyotes,fox,and panthers that follow the deer but seem to enjoy the much easier meal of my poultry. I think things would be a lot better if you guys would leave things alone and let nature run its couse.
first we must communicate the need to other people with all the facts, talk to your Representatives at every level of government. start a community response team to help, use the net to spread the word through blogs, put up signs in your area, hold meetings to inform public and get as many folks as you can to join in on the cause to save the species in danger, never give up, keep yourselves in the present memory of local officials and get them to help your cause.
Be kind to all animals.
we can't..I live in the country and the deer population here has been growing..Dave K explained it the best
Give them to me to eat. If I like them, I will make sure that there are always more around for me to eat.
For the people mentioning deer overpopulation...they obviously know nothing about how an ecosystem works...the deer would not be overpopulated if people did not screw up the ecosystem. The ecosystem undisturbed would balance itself out, there would be no animals that there were too many or too little off...humans have killed off animals (namely predators such as the wolf), encroached on their habitat, etc... that are now causing the ecosystem to go haywire and now we HAVE to interfere once again...but this time to fix it since we messed it up in the first place. Saving habitat is key in this endangered species will have a place to live, breed, eat, etc. and so that predators that will eat and kill excess deer, rabbits, etc. will not be wandering neighborhoods eating cats, dogs, and chickens like someone mentioned. It is NOT the animals is our fault for not leaving them any place to live.
it is next to impossible to save wild life because the pressure of civilization on the Environment is to great;...

and now this;...
Those of us wanting to protect E&T species have to understand the people who do not want to (know thy enemy). Also we have to understand the ecosystem as a whole, not just one or two puzzle pieces of it.

For one the laws are a slight problem, but laws are only as good as the people who enforce them. Many states do not have enough wildlife officers. In Georgia, many counties only have 1 wildlife officer or either the wildlife officer is having to cover such a wide area that he/she is not that effective.

Furthermore, many landowners do not know about incentives, like safe harbor agreements or habitat conservation plans, and some of those that do feel there must be a catch. In my major, I have friends that have neighbors, who believe in the three S's (shoot it, shovel it, shut up). A guy who I knew through an ex-boyfriend told me that he had shoot a threatened bird a few years back. The sad thing is there is nothing I can do. In many instances you actually have to see the person performing the illegal activity.

Lastly in some instances we do not understand the ecology well enough to know how to save the E&T species. Some of it goes to lack of funding. If it is a matter of money which is more appealing to the public: the bald eagle symbol of our nation or three salamanders living on a mountain in podunk Tennessee? (hint: it ain't the salamanders)

Summary: Better pay for wildlife officers and more of them. Funding that is aimed at understanding ecosystems not only single species.
If you own land, from a suburban lot to several acres, check out the Wildlife Federation's Backyard Wildlife Habitat program. You can participate in this program even if you don't own land by certifying public spaces (like schools) and public spaces created by condo/apartment complexes.

Follow the 10 suggestions offered by pr2kad.

The Bible says that man "has dominion" over the land and the animals. This does not mean that we own these things, as many folks believe. It means God (Universal Spirit) has entrusted us with taking care of our surroundings. Even if you don't believe in God, we should still care for all we share now and with future generations.

Think globally, act locally, live simply.

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