What kind of impact on the Enviornment does Cat Litter have?

How can i lower that impact?

Generally, the waste of animals (including cats) acts as plant food (fertilizer). So if small amounts of waste are spread over a large area, it's usually not a problem.

However, animal waste can distribute diseases. Cat feces (and cat litter contaminated with those feces) contains a disease organism that kills sea otters.

"Cat litter is one source of Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite that survives sewage treatment and ends up in the ocean where it can kill sea otters."


To reduce this problem, Michelle Staedler, of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, says

"...people flushing cat litter are also likely sending parasites into otters’ habitat. Always put cat litter in the trash, where it can break down before it gets into the water."


(This exacerbates our landfill problem, however.)

To help keep the problem from getting worse, don't have a lot of cats, and make sure that your cat is spayed or neutered.
Depends on the type... cheep cat litter is nothing more than dried clay.. totally Environment friendly
used litter contains ammonia, nitrates, carbon dioxide, mercury, lead, arsenic, and digested birds and mice.
Clean litter is merely crushed clay and rocks. The machines which make cat litter pollute the air a bit, but this is the price we pay for keeping cats as pets.
poor people use sand,this works just as wwell and you change it every other day,and throw it in the garden

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