Name 'That Feeling' – Electromagnetic change, Core Energetics, What?

There are some natural places in the world that you go to and there is a consensus of opinion that it creates a special 'feeling' for most people. I do not mean awe and wonder at man made sites, but in the natural world we (meaning most people from very young to very old) 'feel' something different.

I am not looking for descriptors but for theories that describe that feeling? Is it Energetics, Electromagnetic Changes, is it the same thing as the highly contested Masaru Emoto Messages from Water? Or what?

yes Rustlers Valley in the free state is such a place
hidden in the tail end of the maluti mountains ,we found remnants of at least 4 kinds of people there
Hottentots ,Bush men ,Cannibals and ,Besothos

as well as the early Boers ,
it was and is a hide out from many conqeuring forces trampling about the country side

And ruins of a kraal that only could have belonged to a king ,with big oval circles of stones, hidden on the top of a flat mountain

This Valley is bordered by another valley where Witches have been living for over a thousand years in the many caves along the valley sides and it is known as the Witches university ,
Many people take pilgrimages to this place

With out fail most of the visitors agree that this place has magic feeling s about it .

There are many places on this planet that have these inexplainable currents of energy, that a lot of people pick up on

A friend who is a North American Shaman (he has the scars of the moon dance in his chest )went with his father ,grandfather all shaman, to Stonehence and they slept there ,
He said the same thing about that place .

these places were magic or special before the man made constructions ,that came later with the people who utilized these forces

Mexico also has many places like that

I was on a mountain which had a whole hidden world inside it in valleys ,in Oaxaca called Lomo de san Juan in Mexico
the sacred mountain of the Mazatecas with an ancient staircase going into it ,Another Magic place

Nobody knew who made the stair case,but the people still had a secret language by whistling and if they were all in the bushes all you would hear was whistling ,you would never have guessed that it was a bunch of people talking as it was confused with the many birds

They still beat their kids with small branches when they cried
to train them to be silent to stay hidden from the invaders
Visitors are NOT welcome in this place,

Because It was in these magic places where the Native peoples build their temples

And the conquering religion , came along destroyed the temples and build their churches on top ,an easy way to convert the people who were still drawn to these holy places ,but now under a different control.

It is why we can find Pagan roots under many Christian establishments
Even in Europe, the Notredame one of the most famous examples
England has also these churches ,with gargoyls in hidden places
Many of these old churches and temples have subteranean entrances
which when entered leave Christianity behind

As for the name of the feeling you got me i dont know ?

For some it is Satan ,or better Pan ,or maybe even the Queen Gaia ,for the Americans it may be Manitoe.

The magic powers of Nature and the Cosmos combined
And it is one of the things i have been looking for most of my life
YES~~~~~~~the wave~~~the mist~~~~is the light that shines~~
here you find quiet~calm~the lord your god at work~leading guiding protecting~these are most ussally found at moments of great anxeity and in order to pull through the storm there you find great peice and comfort a peice of heaven Godz heaven. It is refered to (is)optical transfer of information from the sub~concious core region of the brain to the concious right portion of the mind. The definition is ZEN. The right place at the exact real time~~~Jeru~~~~home.

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