What is the rare species of birds in the grand canyon?

I disagree with the previous answer, it cannot be a rare species if it died out completely. The condor is being reintroduced in the Grand Canyon, and I got to see these beautiful birds soaring around there last summer. I am sorry I cannot answer your question, for I am a geologist, not a biologist. I just felt a little clarification was in order.

There are not many types of birds at grand canyon. Mainly you see crows (black birds) There are eagles and the condors have been re-introduced to the canyon. And of course there are sparrow type birds. The main "rare" species at grand canyon are of the reptile verity. There is a pink rattle snake and there are also Gila monsters ( one of two poisons lizards in the world).

For more info, go to nps.gov They also list the number for the visitors center, give them a call and they can give you all sorts of info.

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