A recycling question ?

recently the council have upped on the whole recycling fromt which i am very glad about

what i wanna know is when they take away plastic bottles what do they do with them ??

i mean cans and glass can be melted down and reused but plastic bottles ?

Plastic bottles are crushed down into small pieces and then used in things like the surface of a road.
A lot of them are shredded to make new fibres for artificial textiles.

One that springs to mind is the manufacture of Fleece type jackets.
Its the same for plastic as tins and paper, its melted and reused.
well its the same for plastic.
plastics can be recycled once, it is better not to use plastics because they are not biodegradable and they are bigges tpollutants of the earth
ya plastics are non-biodegradable.
but one of the way in which they use the plastic is by melting it and adding it molten asphalt which is then used to build roads
platic is recycled to make new bottles and even put in asphalt for paving.
i really do not follow the recycling law i recycle everything which is recycle. plastic, paper and containers
In our community, the plastics are melted down and turned into park benches and picnic tables.
exactly the same thing

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