Stop Breathing, you are contributing to global warming!?

Ok, you exhail many times a day. And with 6 billion people on the earth it has to become significant at some time.

God, I can't believe how stupid people are. Stop breathing?!? I hope you are joking...
Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose?
We exhale carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide is contributing to global warming... it's the fuel we burn that's causing problems not breathing. Trees and plants filter the CO2 turn it into O2...
sorry dude, but I gotta live. that's a little too extreme for me. and the stupidest thing I've ever heard. as a matter of fact, tell that to the hippies and the liberals! then they can do EVERYONE a favor: die & save the earth. =) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Some types of mentality are the problem
Yes.. But I'm too young to die..
Walt Kelly agrees...he has a book out which ought to be required reading, called "The Impollutable Pogo"

Find a copy and read is very very penetrating on this aspect of the problem.

Give you a hint (shhhh!!) The solution is for have half of the population to only breathe in, and half only breathe out, It all evens out in the wash!!
you first
but i agree if everybody did it would solve the problem
see if you can get anyone to comply
Surprisingly science shows it matters whether the CO2 is natural or from long buried fossil fuels. The CO2 you exhale was in the atmosphere not very long ago, so it isn't important to global warming.

There is a natural "carbon cycle" that recycles CO2. But it's a delicate balance and we're messing it up.

Look at this graph.

The little squiggles are nature doing its' thing. CO2 falls a bit during summer when plants are active, and rises during the winter. The huge increase is us, burning fossil fuels. The scientists can actually show that the increased CO2 in the air comes from burning fossil fuels by using "isotopic ratios" to identify that CO2. The natural carbon cycle buried carbon in fossil fuels over a very long time, little bit by little bit. We dig them up and burn them, real fast. That's a problem.

Man is upsetting the balance of nature. We need to fix that.
if even ted kennedy quit breathing those heaving drunken breathes of his that would probably save us all by itself
No,stop breathing will not help contributing to Global Warming.

Global Warming is caused by the electricity that we use.

The more electricity we use,then will we be contributing to Global Warming.

Sorry if this answer does not meet up to your expectations.
Bob is correct - breathing is part of the carbon cycle and thus is carbon neutral. The cause of global warming is the burning of fossil fuels which releases carbon into the atmosphere which was previously trapped for a long, long time.

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