Chemical Formaldehyde in CREAMSILK and SUNSILK. This is Girl Power?! Formaldehyde is FORMALIN for EMBALMING!

I received an email saying that Creamsilk and Sunsilk have formaldehyde and the person called up Unilever and the company said its just a small amount. My goodness, but if i take it regularly, doesnt it accumulate? I am alarmed bec. recently the govt has been monitoring products from China as well like candies, foodstuff with formaldehyde. Btw, formaldehyde is FORMALIN. The chemical used to embalm and preserve corpses.. Eeewww...dont buy all their products if they feel that "this is just a small amount"..

check your sachet and bottles, what im saying is true (though diff. countries may differ; im referring to sachets/bottles from some countries in Asia) - I checked my shampoo and its says there - FORMALDEHDYE!!


Btw, Unilever's hotline # is 1-800-10-5647258

You have to learn about things like formaldehyde to deal properly with them. The email you read is just scarey thing people like to do, like a chain letter. It's not the information you need. I've tried to give you that in the link below.

There is formaldehyde in many many things, particularly cosmetics, made by many companies. Even some foods. They're not trying to poison you. Formaldehyde prevents bacteria from growing in them, which would be even more harmful. The Food and Drug Administration approves its' use. Does that mean it's OK? Maybe not. It means you need to look into it more carefully.

If you want to deal with formaldehyde, you should have a good idea of what ALL the sources are, and what the real problems are. Below is a good summary, and should be read carefully. This stuff isn't simple like an alarming email makes it out to be. Calling Unilever is not a solution to anything. Becoming knowledgeable is a necessary start.
I will never use their products now.
I never use their products and now I have good reason to stop purchasing ANYTHING imported from China!
My cousin is an undertaker and at 70 years old, he looks about 50---I think it was working with the formaldihide!!! lol...
People inject botox into their skin and it is a form of a deadly germ, so I believe people will do anything to look younger.

It is right to be wary of things from China right now... I checked my shampoo bottle and it said it had placenta's in it...
And you would not like the result if they took it out.

The reason you are buying that product is for the way it makes your skin look after using it.

Aging spots, wrinkles, dry spots and such are all natural things that happen to skin as it ages.

But you are buying into the theory that your skin needs to look and feel totally unblemished and smooth. What does that is Formalin and other preserving products.

There are miniscule amounts of Formalin, gold, iodine, iron, silver, arsinic, strontium, and tons of other minerals that are in your food every day. Your body actually uses minute amounts of these things to process the food you eat and to break down checmicals and bacteria that you produce to keep you healthy.

To take these things our of your diet leads to health problems.

BUT, when you start adding things to your body to produce unnatural results, you are at risk of getting ill.

All makeup is toxic - it is not recommended for internal use. It also is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Are you going to stop wearing makeup? You now know it is not good for you.

Soft Drinks are loaded with checmicals that will strip the tarnish off coins - it's highly corrosive. Think about what that does to your stomach and intestines. Are you going to stop drinking sodas, now that you know?

Sugar is one of the most addictive substances in the world and has no health benefit at all. It causes many health problems when too much is consumed and the actual amount that is recommended as the maximum intake for a year, most Americans blow through in 2 -4 months. Will you stop eating chocolate, ice cream, cake, candy, power bars, Mocha coffees, Icees, snow cones, popsicles, gum, etc...?

The answer is - OF COURSE NOT.

Go get an basic education in biology about how your body ages naturally and how it processes what it comes into contact with - this is offered in Junior High School and High School. Maybe you have not had that yet?

Then look at what you are putting into and on your body and WHY you are doing this.

Stop listening to advertisers. Age like you are supposed to, using all that stuff actually makes your skin look older when you stop using it. Take care of your body from the inside out and you won't need it.
You are right, our products are riddled with toxins and it shouldn't be. I was reading some of the other comments and I have to say, WAKE UP PEOPLE!! Who thinks it's ok, even a little to put embalming fluid on your face or even ingest it?? These companies should be held responsible and we should bother them until they do. Until they change, they will not get another dollar of my money. There are a few organizations who feel the same and have actually started movements to try to get them to change. Oh, and btw, the FDA only claims to know what is good for us. They published that it takes 10 years to study a chemical and on average a woman puts over 100 on her face. They don't have the time, manpower or the desire to check things out. If you don't believe that, why all the drug recalls over the past few years? That's because in clinical studies it works, big pharmaceuticals are paying them off and bam, it's on the market! Then when the side-effects show up, they pull it...ooopppps our bad. Is what we have to take?? Did you know that just a few weeks ago the Chinese put to death their head of FDA for allowing 10 people to die from a bad drug??!! Not to mention everything else that's going on. And we have to listen to our FDA tell us that toxins are okay! Yeah, don't think so!! There are far better and safer products on market to put on my skin that what these big industries are making!! Wisen up people and become knowledgable to the world around you!

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