Would it be better to donate your recyclables to homeless and poor people...?

Instead of taking them yourself or paying for a recycling service to collect them? It would be easier and it would help out the poor, since they could sell the things and get some money...pocket change to us but it could mean a meal that didn't come from a dumpster to them. Could we have programs where people donate their recyclables to the homeless?

people are strange...i see alot of ignorance in some of these answers.i was homeless once...with a child and a full time job at a skilled job...it just did not pay enough to make rent and i don't/didn't buy anything new and was never a consumer type to create a misfortune of being homeless.the MAJORITY of homeless people are women with children.not that cashing in on recycleables would help this catagory of homeless.most other homeless are veterans of military and the mentally ill...cast aside from society...starting a recyling program would benefit this group as they tend to be the people going through trash to collect these things.i give people coming into my parking lot to go through our dumpster all of our recycleables...that are not even mine because i won't buy things that come in plastic bottles or cans...i collect them from my neighbors and when i see them lying around.the people that i give them to are very gracious and never offended.there isd more dignity when someone hands you something than going through a dumpster
i guess they could do that. There are programs where people can donate clothes blankets and can goods for the poor.
You're joking, right?
Why do you think they are homeless in the first place?
I think that it is a good idea but you coulden't just go up to homeless people and give them recyclables it might insult some people and its not nice to make people feel bad. maybe recycoling centers could be run as non-profet orgs, and donate the proceeds to homeless shelters.
Homeless people are where they want to be. Even criminals in jail have a roof over their heads, free medical, and three meals a day.

And most stuff recycled at curbside is not economic to recycle. Stuff that is valuable to recycle (iron, copper, precious metals, rags, etc.) has been recycled from the get go.

Most lottery winners ultimately end up where they started, so expecting homeless and poor people to suddenly exhibit some rational entrepreneurship skills out of thin air ... seems a bit of a stretch.
Glad there are people like you .Yes it's a great idea and hope you 'll go ahead and get it done.Good on you.
Actually, this isn't a very good idea for several reasons.

Homeless and those living in poverty would have a tough time getting these things to a recycling center. Most do not have cars, and would have to walk or carry this stuff on a bike. It's one thing if the center is a block away ~ but in most towns, the recycling plants are on the edge of town. Do you really think someone who hasn't eaten in a week will have the strength to carry 20 pounds of recyclables across town?
A better solution is to bring the recycling to the station yourself, and donate the money to a soup kitchen or shelter.
I think this is generally a good idea (assuming you mean things that we can freecycle rather than plastic containers and newspapers!), as long as people respect the people they donate to. This can only work if you give "good" stuff not junk. I've seen the dirty, broken,etc stuff that gets donated to op shops..where's the respect?
Sounds like a good idea, in poor countries many homeless people actually scavange the trash to find goods which they can collect and sell for some money these are then recycled.
It could be so long as they wanted to use that as a way to help themselves out of their rut. Some people just refuse the help.
That wouldn't be a bad idea.
i personally am all for it, i just don,t know how to go about doing it .
It is a good idea. I leave my cans, bottles, etc outside at night. In the morning they are usually gone. I have had a homeless person thank me one day for the good deed.
I think it's a great idea, but instead maybe try just giving them the tickets, or money you get for your cans and whatnot. I know what it feels like to be on the streets, its a cruel world out there, and somtimes money wont make people change their ways, until they are ready to change. In my case I was a 19 yr old girl, whose family bailed on her, alot of young people get stuck in that situation, stuggling to find their way out, and I admire what your trying to do for them.
It is what they were doing in China, now the big recycling companies there are controlled by former beggars, and one woman has become one of the richest person in China by starting to collect water bottles...

Sorry, I know how it could work here... Since most beggars cannot carry too much of those with them, they should start a small organisations, that has a central warehouse (cheap one will do), then all beggars will bring their harvest to this central place and paid 90% of its value, then if the volume of recycling goods is high enough, the recycling center will upload the goods from the central wharehouse, that will be paid by them directly. The 10% profits should cover the rent expense, and since it could be a non profit organization, got some tax subsidies, and function almost freely...
If the local authorities begin such project, it could reduce street crimes a lot, as those will get some kinds of revenues and eventually get off the street, if they play it clever...
Yeah, you should donate to an organization that helps the homeless. So that way your sure your money is buying them a meal or some good clothes. Donating to a shelter that you know of in your area would be a greater cause.

I don't think organizations do that. You can recycle, then donate-it's a lot easier that way.

Hope this helps.
there are pros and cons here. A *program* means another step between you and the homeless. How much do the 'homeless' actually get? Shelters and other homeless services only reach a few of the needy. If you haven't got the courage to give a bag of recycleables to someone on the street or walk into a government service center for the poor, you might as well just leave them on the curb. BTY, they get them to the recycling stations somehow, by bike or foot or borrowed car.
Umm.. err.. isn't that what the Salvos are for?

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