Are there any grants for those wishing to set up small bio-fuel projects in a developing country?

My colleagues & I have leased dereclict land from the city govt to raise crops for the production of bio-fuels. We are charged a peppercorn rent because the main aim is to address pollution in the city. Are there any grants out there to help a project such as ours?

The EPA lists plenty of info on its webpage about such projects;too many to list and explain...the addresses are at the bottom. Good luck bro!
I blooooody well hope frigging not lol. Why don't you put your great talents and intellect into a really worth while cause? Like creating a crop that seriously reduces every ones stress like Mary Jane for example hey i got a great idea why don't you turn Mary Jane into a bio fuel that the emissions don't pollute they just get everyone chilled and the city will be filled with love peace and harmony lol. I would give you a grant for that lol
Not knowing where you are I can only give you a generalised answer.

If you contact the environmental sections of your government at local, State/province, and national levels. They may be able to give you a lead.

Dropping a line to the media letting them know what your doing is also handy. The media is always interested in a story and it may help to flush out some support from the private sector.

Projects like this are very helpful. Many people see what is happening on a daily basis. Environmental awareness is a valuable benefit from this sort of project. This is difficult to gain income from, but may give you some staying power.

Good luck

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