Do you get most of your climate change info from well informed "Rock Stars"?

do you get most of your automotive advice from clergy?

Yes. Sheryl Crow says we should all only get one square of toilet paper for each crap we take. I want to know three things:

1. Who will supervise the allocation of the squares?
2. Who will make sure the T.P. Czar doesn't cheat?
3. If it's the Hershey Squirts, can I get extra?
When Sting and Bono mount their next tours using oxen, horses and mules to travel city to city, I'll respect their dedication to their cause. I'll still think that they're nuts...but I'll respect their dedication,
Rock stars are people that are looked up to. Therefore what they say is much more powerful than what the average Joe would say because people admire them. This is why buisnesses use celebrities in there commercials. Think of the new Gilette commercial with Henry (soccer star) Tiger Woods, (golf star) and Roger Federer. (tennis star) It is important to get the message out about Global Warming but you are right, it is up to us, the people on this world, to do something about it.
No. I get it from reputable scientists. Try it.
Oh absolutely. And by the same token, some of the most enjoyable CDs I've ever bought were recorded by climatologists who were out shopping for research funds and took a few nights off in a recording studio.
Beware the Ides of March!

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