How many 330 ml aluminium cans is equivalent to a roll of aluminium foil 30cmx10m (abt 12 inch by 3 feet)?

I am a college student living in a private apartment and I use up lots of aluminium foils to cook and eat. I use aluminium foils as plates because I am too lazy to clean plates. I want to know how environment-unfriendly i am for doing so. How bad am I compared to the guy who keeps on drinking from cans without recycling them?

Aluminium foil is less than 0.2mm thick but typically 0.02mm so a piece 300mm x 100mm has a total volume of 3 x 1 x 2 x 10^2 mm^3

that is 600 mm^3

The density of Al is 2700 kg/m^3 so the mass of your foil is 2700 x 600 /10^9 kg
= 0.00162 kg = 1.62 g

Modern aluminium cans weigh about 15g

I take it you aren't studying either physics or mathematics or you would easily have workd it out!
idk but i sure hope u are recycling all that foil
Are you recycling them?
If so it could be quite interseting as you are not using detergent and water to wash up?
Who knows?
How bad do you feel?
I imagine that it's not great in the big scheme of things as re-using is the best option before re-cycling.

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