2 cylinders cars vs 6-8 cylinders cars, global warming?

hello, i live in Mexico City, here is the biggest city of the world, the most populated place on heart, here we almost all people use 2-4 cylinders cars and we drive longer distance than people living in New York or Los Angeles, i have travel to that towns, and i wonder why people use big cars like 6-8 cylinders?, since the gasoline is so high and the treat of global warming, I wonder why americans USA use big cars?, and for only one person travel, i personally and whit all respect i think is irrational and out of the mind to do such a thing, i better save that money in my bank account than expend so much in a car, specially 6 - 8 cylinders big trucks. What do you think?, give your points of view.

one word "status" It doesn't make sense, but there are a lot of materialistic people in the US.
Americans don't think about saving money. They are more concerned about saving thier hair than the environment. It would be easy to stop global warming if people cared, that's the problem. There are all kinds of reasonable alternatives but not incentives to change the types of consumption. Hydrogen fuel cells, public transportaion, bicycles, 2 stroke engines, hybrid vehicles, etc. The question isn't what's better, we all know what's better. The question is how to get people to care.
Global warming is a farce,brought to you by the same brilliant "scientists" that gave us Y2K.
Some people need large vehicles to pursue their livelihoods.

Most of the vehicles here though will never be used for anything but single passenger commutes to the office.

They're fashion accessories, traded in every few years, to keep up appearances.

Greed for this puerile luxury is the main driving force behind whatever popular support remains for our interminable, exorbitantly expensive adventure in Iraq.

Despite the fact that the domestic oil industry, with the greatly inordinate influence that it has in Washington, will never do other than seek to support and raise the price of gas, no matter what happens.

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