How long can we continue to eat the same volume of fish before the food chain collapes?

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In the oceans big corporations are dragnetting vast quantities of ocean life scooping up everything in the water ,
here in Mexico these operations are resulting in sea battles of small fishermen exchanging shots with huge factory boats
,an very uneven fight the big ships win,and the Ocean looses .
whole schools are removed or what ever was there .

couple this to contaminated waters ,especially at river mouths( because of contamination that comes from the cities)
the dumping of toxic wastes and now temperature changes and we have a serious assault on Nature in General that is in process

On the coasts, what used to be the odd weekend fishermen ,are today hordes of amateur city fishermen that rape the lagoons and beaches of what ever they find with out restraint
and something gotta give ,on the land it is worse

food chains have been colapsing all over the world for some time now
we are witness to the first mass exstinction of flora and fauna since the days of the dinosaurs

of the earth's estimated 10 million species, 300,000 have vanished in the past 50 years. each years, 3,000 to 30,000 species become extinct.

a lot of human activity is speeding that up since we tend to overpower all the other species in one way or another.

some reasons why animals are being wiped out ,in the forrests are:

the hunting of exotic species for the consumer market
only about 10% of the animals caught survive

the hunting of animals for food by settlers

forrest fires ,that have started because of slash and burning of forrest ,to clear the land for farming, had gotten out of control

the loss of Habitat because the conditions have changed ,e.g less humidity because of surrounding farmlands ,or overpumping of rivers for human use(farming and utility)

because of contamination of the waters ,

expanding populations and expanding farming ,that has to keep pace with the expanding populations are very strong forces that encroach upon the rainforest's
clearing them for farming and settlement areas .

In Mexico is a famous jungle that the Media has been trying to save for years
the Naturists ,and the government ,keep watch .laws are made for protection the wild and to forbid logging.
TV put out a series of documentaries
there are campaigns in the News papers
and all of this has not made the slightest difference

Rainforest's always are in third world countries and always in third world countries corruption and the need for money s highest

the jungle gets smaller by the day
more and more farmers move in .and burn the trees
it is an impossible situation
as long as there is poverty in these regions the destruction will continue

and the Animals will continue to be trapped ,as long as people keep buying the exotic animals

And now many animals are becoming sick because of changes in temperature ,

vital links in the food chains are disapearing affecting other species further along in the chain

90% of the feral (wild) bee population in the United States has died out. Recent studies in the United Kingdom

In the Netherlands bee diversity is down 80 percent in the sites researched,
"bee species are declining or have become extinct in Britain."

the numbers of wildflowers that depend on pollination have dropped by 70 percent.

Bees are not the only polinators but if these things are happening to bees we can bet on it that other insects are also in trouble ,on top of this many people are spraying for mosquitos ,with drastic effects .

so much follows the insects in the food chains ,that we can expect a lot of very bad changes in the environment .

And now many animals in the jungles are getting sick because of temperature changes ,also fataly affecting foodchains

we cannot educate the masses enough on the importance of the equilibriums that exist in Nature and how much out own survival depends on this ,

It is horifying to realise how little the people know or care
we will be the big looser in the end because we are on top of the food chains

Although realistically i feel that it already is too late .

everything is happening so fast it is not possible to monitor events any more

only time will tell what is in store for us ,and that time is running now
im estimating about 5......
Stop eating fish. Problem solved.
Humans can't eat that many fish. The oceans constantly refresh the supply. The volume increases every year and every year the fish population still expands. Quit listening to whiners.

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