And so how do we conserve water do you drink damaging bottle water?

Tap water is actually enhanced, so funnily enough there's been a rise in cavities coinciding with the increased popularity of bottled water over fluoride-enhanced tap water.

Of course, that's why some people prefer bottled..

Anyways, drinking water isn't an issue - you need to have it to survive, so no one's saying no to that. It's the other things, like taking 45 minute showers, letting the tap run to get it to that perfect temperature, filling a glass of water and then dumping it down the drain because you DON'T drink it, polluting water by flushing garbage down the drain (i.e. tampons, pills [studies currently taking place to see whether birth control pills being flushed is not contributing to male impotence in North America], whatever else), or larger more corporate issues of water pollution.

Basically, there are a large number countries where people are extremely careful with water because they're already living in a world where it is a rare and therefore valuable commodity. Rather than trying to lessen your impact by stopping something you need to do (drinking water), try looking at how much we use it frivolously...
Bottled water is an environmental nightmare.

First, tap water isn't that bad, and can be cleaned either at the home tap with filters, or better at the store with large filters.

Second, the bottles! Billions of water bottles are choking landfills. States that didn't have deposits on water bottles are seriously considering it.

Third, the financial joke of paying $1.29 a pint for something that costs 0.07 cents a gallon.

Conserve water simply by using less of it. Think about how you bathe and wash dishes. Use machines to wash dishes, clothes and cars. Use efficient machines when you do. Use efficient irrigation, don't spray water around during the day when it instantly evaporates.
I have my own reusable bottle and use a Britta filter to fill it up. NPR did a story which pointed out that 70% of water bottles don't get recycled. Not to mention that you're paying for the same product you could get at home almost for free. Dasani and Aquafina (Coke and Pepsi's water) are just re-filtered tap water, so you're paying $1+ for the same water you could get at home. At least they're bottled locally though, because the cost and pollution from transporting all that heavy water around is ridiculous.

Plus studies have shown that bottled water is no cleaner than tap water. In fact, regulations are so lax on bottled water that it may be more contaminated than tap water.;...
Bin there done that damage stuff. But did run into a Second Cup coffee shop and thought the water pipe break was great is pumps up pressure at night and re leaves you it the mourning. Down the highway the car kept coming.It would be easy but I think the launch of the side road would be more fun.
Actually, I have four old Snapple bottles that I refill with reverse osmosis water every day. I replace the bottles when they start turning green or black. And since CA pays cash money for recycling, I also get THAT back. Usually, about 5 trash bags full of bottles and cans is worth about $20. Better than a kick in the head!

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