Are firecrackers bad for the environment?

i was just wondering.

Yes, the all.
Yes but they release VERY LITTLE carbon into the air
not enough to notice
No they look pretty and that makes trees and birds happy.
it depends on wat u meamn by environment urban or country
The cause littering, noise pollution, and regular pollution.
Isn't everything nowadays.?
no they r not they have no bad effect on the envirement.
Yes, they aren't the biggest threat to the environment, but they definitely are guilty of creating more air pollution (not to mention the aftermath of all the waste left behind). I guess in the big scheme of things, fireworks aren't going to be to blame for our situation, but on the opposite side, every little bit does add up to creating more waste and more pollution.
yes but we hardly use it doesnt really matter...
yes the smoke from them pollutes the air. Which it's kind of hipocritical that we say protect the earth by not burning fossil fuels and all that nonsense and then we turn around and blow things up and we have no idea where the debree lands.

But that's how we celebrate our independance. We should find a new way of doing that.
Fireworks can cause a temporary increase in ozone pollution. This is ground-level ozone that is harmful (unhealthy to breathe), not the upper atmosphere ozone that is helpful. It appears they also release dioxins and heavy metals into the air.
Overall however they don't come close to the damage caused by all the things we do daily, since they are less used. Worry more about your car, how far products must be transported to you, energy you use, etc.
the fire crackers is not bad of the environment is te happiness of the world
In a dry season like the Western United States is in now, definitely yes. Fireworks can start major fires that threaten homes and the environment. In Nevada and other western states, plants that took 10 generations to grow can be burned up in a night. This hurts every animal dependent on them and leads to soil erosion. Who knows if damaged areas can be put replaced or not. Only fireworks that are supervised by the fire department and have permits should be used.
Regarding fireworks:
1. If you do not pick up your fireworks litter = bad.
2. If you use fireworks that produce different colors = heavy metals, such as mercury, are used to make these = bad
3. Using fireworks when intoxicated = blowing off your fingers = bad
4. Using fireworks irresponsibly = causing fires = bad
5. As with most things, moderation is the key! Most of the above "bad" things can be avoided and you can still enjoy using fireworks.

Happy Fourth of July!
This was covered recently in Grist magazine (see sources). A quick summary would be: yes, they release CO2, soot, heavy metals and perchlorate, leave litter around, and are particularly bad for asthmatics. But on the other hand they're something we consume a relatively small amount of, compared to say coal used to generate electricity, or road vehicle fuels, so it's probably not worth getting too worried about.

Personally, I go to fireworks displays and enjoy them without guilt, but I don't think I'd put my own display on, because why add to the impacts when there are great displays in every tiny town around the country?

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