What is the impact of tv, internet and video games on the planet earth?

i am doing a project about this and if you help me it would be very helpful for me.

There are several ways to look at this.
One could be that you could measure how much electricity needs have gone up with the invention of each one. How many electric plants (and how they are fueled) have had to be created because of the increased need for more electricity? What do these added electricity power stations add or detract from the environment?
Or, you could look at what is wasted and put in the landfills when TVs, computers and video games get thrown out in the trash. What breaks down? How long does it take to break down? What doesn't break down? Why? What parts are harmful to the environment, such as liquids, solids, parts, circuit boards, controllers, key pads, monitors, etc.? Does anything contribute to pollution indirectly? For example, 30 years ago, naturalists stated that wildlife and fish get caught in the plastic beer rings some people pollute our lakes, rivers and oceans with when they are done with them. The plastic doesn't break down quickly, if at all, and the animals die from lack of air. How does the interaction of plastic materials inside the worn-out TVs, computers and video games left in landfills and in nature impact planet earth?
I hope I've given you a start with your project.
Good luck!
Since they all dissipate power, they release heat and there are biproducts from the production of the energy. You can draw your conclusions from there.
How about socially? Giving young people unrealistic body image standards. It completely ruins your brain. Think about it, if you watch an hour long TV show.. that's an hour you're not thinking.. you're being completely distracted or "entertained". It conditions us to have short attention spans so we can't have complete thoughts.

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