How come a majority of cops are douch bags?

Most of them are people with a low level of education with power over people.
Been arrested, huh?

If the cops are arresting YOU, they seem like evil people.
If the cops are arresting someone else, and PROTECTING you, they seem like heroes.

Amazing how the same people look completely different depending on from which side of the law we are looking.
Did we get ourselves into trouble? No we're mad and calling names?

The majority of police are hard working, good people trying to do a dangerous job. The fact that they are paid to enforce laws that others choose to disobey is not really their fault. And it certainly doesn't make them douche bags.
I have to agree with Jay on that point.
Why is this question in environment and ecology?
But. you are on to something, in Denver a cadet sued the the police department because his IQ was to high and they did not want him to become an officer, the reason given was his intelligence questioned the system too much. I believe he won (unsure though).
The psychological profile they give a candidate is to determine if their thinking capability is based on a black and white world view point (kind of like our president).
When cops act up and abuse their authority it is generally because of a high stressed job and a lot of messed up people out there.

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