My wife wants her ashes scattered in the sea but I live miles inland?

does toilet water eventually reach the sea?

show her your question then see if you get any tea tonight, ha ha.
Put her ashes in some bread and feed it to the gulls, she would then get her wish when they take a crap
I can't believe the answers ! This is a joke!!
who in this world would put there wife's ashes down the toilet i take it shes not dead yet show her this question see what happens
You're either an insensitive jerk or you're joking. Either way its not that funny.
All water eventually reaches the sea through evaporation or flow. However, ashes are not very adept at either evaporating or traversing the sewage processing plants. So, I would scratch that idea.

Perhaps you could try this. Dig a curved, semi-circle trench in the garden and upend your wife's urn so the ashes are evenly distributed along the trench. Carefully fill the trench with the dirt you removed from it. Now your wife's ashes are scattered in the "C". She'll never know the difference.
No. Besides the first place toilet water goes is your septic tanks or sewer. Not a very nice way to treat any ones remains.
lol.. every cup of water you drink, is estimated, has been through the human body eight eventually someone maybe be drinking remnants of your wife!
You might go first
First off that is childish. Make the drive...If you loved her then you can take that time out of your day to do that for her.
Are you kidding me!This is your wife,not a fish.I would rather drive the miles and give her the last wishes,then flush her down the toilet.Did you not love her or what?Give her the last wishes she wanted!!I cant belive you asked that!
If she was in any of the 5 services, Army, Navy, Coastgard, Marines or Airforce, They will take your wifes ashes out to sea for you. And I'm sure if they see your question, they would kindly take you with them. It's free.
haha please tell me your not serious? lol
no they do asay that by the time you drink a glass of tap water in London it will have been through 7 people before you and that is why most people drink bottled water... Yuk
Human cremains make a great garden fertilizer.
Can't you give them to someone you trust, who is going near the sea, maybe promising them a small reward in return; it doesn't have to be immediate: someone will come along.
If you really care for your wife you would take the trouble to travel to the sea shore and scatter her ashes according to her wishes. The fact that you said toilet water and not shower water or kitchen sink water, all of which goes the same place, which may or may not be the sea, tells me you despise your wife.
get on a bus or train then. i can tell by your attitude you have a real love filled marriage ! NOT!
If you continue to be this selfish, she might not continue to be your wife for long
take her on holiday to the seaside with you and grant her wish . just as long as you have never said you want to dance on her grave
im always amazed when a guy is winding why do so many fall for it
I don't know if you're joking...i hope you are.

there is another alternative, you and your wife could be buried in an ecofriendly cemetery. No fancy coffin and they plant a tree on top of you!
If that is what she wishes, just get on and do it!
Take a cruise. With your bad attitude, it could be symbolic of your coming out of a relationship that you obviously think went south.

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