How did the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster effect the use of nuclear energy?

What were the results of this disaster on the use of the energy? How many power plants shut down as a result of it?

1. It reinforced people's fear of nuclear technology
2. The political backlash caused many countries to introduce moratoriums on nuclear power (no new stations)

The other units of the Chernobyl plant had to shut down because of the radioactivity in the area, there may have been other closures of the same design of plants in Russia (carbon based moderator) but numbers of plants shut down as a direct result I do not know. Maybe just one; Chernobyl itself.
the problem with Chernobyl - is that the engineers running it
decided to test it on their own without supervisor's approval

they used no checklist - so they did not know what to look out for
and when critical temperatures were passed - it was tooo late baby!

it affected how plants run tests
and confirmed that idiots do nothing on their own

Chernobyl was filled with concrete (1) shut down

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