Where does the mooses, the caribous, the deers, and the zebras live? Is it Forest, Ocean, Moutain, Desert...?

Grassland, or polar Region? Please answer...

Moose - generally the Forests Regions (Boreal) and usually winter habitat is located in wetland areas with lots of browse such as: willow, alder and younger decidious trees.

Deer- Several species...but most common in North America is
White-Tail & Mule Deer. White tail are the more common species. Generally deer like the forested regions for hiding & bedding areas and can also be found in prairie regions (Grasslands).

Mule deer has a diverse area they can be found in higher elevations in the mountains (alpine) and in Boreal forest regions along with the Prairie regions (Grasslands). Generally share the same eco-regions as White-tail.

Caribou - There is the plains caribou which you can guess live on the plains. Then there is the Woodland Caribou which is an endangered species and the numbers continue to decline. The woodlands caribou generally have winter range up in the alpine regions (old-growth) and have travel corridors that head down to the lower elevations. Generally they are found in wooded areas.

zebra's - africian plains & grasslands
Moose Caribou and Deer live in forests. Zebras live in African plains.
First of all mooses and deers are improper english(there is no "s" in the plural spelling) they can live in all oof those areas cept the ocean for you see they are not fish

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