What is the ecological problem with using too much water...?

like how will it help the enviroment by using less water? and how is using alot of water ruining the enviroment if you can please give me resources and web sites that would help me

That is a good question. I think using more water dilutes all the "bad" stuff and makes it less toxic.
Using too much water is a ecological problem, because we can't replace the water fast enough. Most of the world's fresh water (drinking,cooking etc.) Is frozen in the polar ice caps. The water from the seas is too salty to use, and getting the salt out is a long and expensive process. Most of the current available fresh water is used up by irrigation farming.
i don't know. it seems like everyone i complaining that we are wasting water. but we won't run out. we just have a huge water bill. i thik it is the gov's scam for us to pay them more money.
Sorry to say I don't have resources but to quickly answer your question which might help with your research at a database using water requires filtration of that water. You need energy (electricity) to run the filtration plants and when you leave that faucet on while brushing your teeth that water needs to once again be filtered resulting in more energy wasting. The electricity in your area may be powered by coal plants which harm the environment by polluting the air. Natural gas pollutes too. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, hope it's a good start.
Because if we use up all our water, you can't drink, take a bath, water crops, ect.
water shortage

expanding populations use more and more Potable water(world population has doubled in the last 50 years)
expanding agriculture that needs to keep up with the expanding popultaions uses the most ,,even more than the cities about 75% of all water reserves.

potable water is becoming more precious by the day
we will end up killing each other over Potable water
some people already are

controlling populations ,
promote sweet water production,(Masive reforrestation)
and take care of what we got (Nature conservation)
,plus strong policing on usage,as well as economic usage of water in agriculture

Waterharvesting .WILL also help solve the problems

huge storages of water are getting lost due to global warming(melting Ice) as well as over and irresposible usage

93% of all f the planets water is salt
of the 7 remaning % of sweet water 75% was locked in glaziers,mountain snows and the poles,
a lot of this is now melted and has joined the salt waters in the seas gone forever as drinking water.

we on the land have about o,o8 % to play with for agriculture and drinking .

and many rivers and lakes are now contaminated ,

Deep under ground Carbon aquifiers are pumped dry ,by irresponsible egoistic and greedy farmers

.these Carbon Aquifiers do not refill them selves causing sink holes often a few miles deep.

better to pump surface underground water supplies coupled to WATERHARVESTING

the natural way of nature is to evaporate moisture for clouds and this gets blown to places with less water any way ,what obstruct the clouds from getting to deserts ,tend to be mountains that are in the way,
but generally speaking ,the normal weather patterns spread rain evenly over the planet to balance out the temperatures and humidity.

As far as catching rain is concerned ,we do this all the time ,and have done so already since Babylonian times,and is a part of the more advanced Agriculture,that existed with the Egyptians,Central ,and south American indigenous peoples,and many others ,today we call this water harvesting.

In Permaculture the rule is to harvest water to the point of Zero runoff.
this means that all of the rain that falls on an area is absorbed by the terrain and not a drop leaves it.

by building dams,ponds or swales, with interconecting ditches,
if there are enough of these ;the places ,where before the rain water ran over the ground into the rivers and on to the sea ,(in a matter of hours or days),It now runs into absorbant dams or swales and saturates the ground and eventually reaches subteranean water deposits ,taking many months to do so.
Or it fills up ponds that can be used for Aquaculture.
And so a convex situation that repels water is transformed in a concave ,absorbant one and turning the area in to a sponge.

in Spain and Portugal ,which still display many examples of the conquering Moorish influence,One can find many remnants of Waterharvesting,such as aquaducts and tanks underneath the patios ,which collect the rain water from the roofs ,to be used in dryer times.

in Arabia ,on a large scale ,land has been shaped to catch and lead,rain water into sandy areas or to agricultural lands.sand is almost as good as dams because it absorbs water and holds it.

to find out more about Water harvesting I recomend:
the designers manual by Bil Mollison,which cost about 40 dollars.
and is the best all round book you can get.(tagiari publishing, tagariadmin@southcom.com.au)

Permaculture means permanent agriculture
a concept put forward by Bill Mollisson in the 60`s
which is a complete hand book for environmental design.
for those who seek an ambiotic relationship with our planet
With practical solutions for energy systems ,infratructure ,housing,
animal shelter ,water systems and sustainable agricultural practises.
With the world and it`s history as it`s source
From the chinampas of Mexico to the teraced gardens of the Andes.
From the dessert whadis to the steppes of Russia.
Covering all climatic conditions temporal, dessert, humid and dry tropics.
with chapters on soil ,Water harvesting and land design,
Earth working ,Spirals in nature,Trees and water ,utilising energy flows,
Strategy for an alternative nation Source(s) some other writers that are on the internet are
david Holmgren
Larry Santoyo
Kirk Hanson

Masanobu Fukuaka has written ,
One-Straw Revolution
The Road Back to Nature
The Natural Way of Farming

Simon Henderson
and Bill Molisson.

a representitive of the concept in USA is
Dan Hemenway at YankeePerm@aol.com

read Plan B by Lester E Brown.who is the director and founder of the global institute of Environment in the United states .he has compiled a report based on all the satalite information available from NASA,and all the information that has
come from Universities and American embassies WORLD WIDE ,
his little book--a planet under stress , Plan B has been trans lated into 50 languages and won the best book award in 2003.

I am a permaculture consultant for the department of Ecology for the regional government of Guerrero in Mexico

i got a yahoo 360 which has some stuff in English as well as this spaces

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