Are courtesy flushes bad for the environment?

Just wondering.Is extra flushing bad?

YES and NO! if you are an enviromentalist freak it is bad because thats an extra 1.5-2 gallons of water wasted. on the other hand if you are just a regular person like me and others it is strictly fine beause you do not want to "disperse" the bad odor (lol) around. personally i believe there is nothing wrong with it. good luck
dont think so.
well it wastes water but if it makes you feel cleaner then just do it!
Depends on how much water there is in your local environment. Wasting water in some environments lowers the water table, and alters vegetation cover, which drives out native species, and can endanger wildlife etc.

In Australia there is a phrase to help save water during times of drought:

"If it's yellow, let it mellow;
If it's brown, wash it down."
Yes. Extra flushing wastes water. It doesn't seem like a big deal when you only think of yourself doing it but think of millions of people giving a courtesy flush...that's a whole lot of wasted water.
,being green also being a bit more smelly
In terms of the environment, yes extra flushing is bad because you are literally flushing drinkable water down the toilet. I would suggest that at home when you do not have guests around you could minimize flushing and while you are out and about flush as necessary. Each flush typically uses at least 1 gallon of water that could have been used to fill one 8 oz glass 8 times.
All flushing is bad for the environment. Using water depletes the fresh water supply of the earth. Pumping that water out of the ground uses electric power made from burning coal which pollutes the air and causes global warming. That water is treated with chemicals that are very harmful to the environment by killing natural bacteria that may become extinct if we keep poisoning them. I could go on and on. Anyone who cares about this planet at all will simply stop pooping. Look at Al Gore. He stopped pooping for the good of the planet. And now he is full of it.

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