After reading this article...?

If you were considering buying an apple iphone, do you still want one?

Well, no I wouldn't and considering that all the companies that were in the same group as apple all managed to score much higher, it is definitely a strong statement concerning Apples balance sheet between profits versus the environment. I have bought a lot of Canon products though. I'm glad that this report was made because it now provides a good outline for which companies are more trustworthy. Is there any kind of link that shows a complete list of companies with their rankings?
Someone beat you to this question.
i don't want that thing regaurdless. too expensive, the plan is too expensive. yet another reason for thieves to mug you. and more than that - do i really need to surf google earth from the sidewalk?
I would base a purchase of an iPhone on how well it suits my needs, NOT on how it falls into lockstep with global warming dogma.

I'm sorry, but this is such a big pile of steaming poo...

"The rankings were based on criteria that roughly broke down into four categories: how well a company had reviewed its global warming impact; how much it had reduced that impact; how much it supported public policies that encourage this reduction; and whether the company made this information available."

How about a company figuring out what it wants to create/sell, and do it in the most efficient (ie, least wasteful) way possible. Hiring a bunch of wonk bureaucrats to comply with the ideals of global warming - which is FAR from certain in either known causes or consequences - is a verifiable waste of money, and consequently, a waste of resources (ie, damaging to the environment.)

So, how in this Through the Looking Glass reality is it GOOD to fritter away resources on unknowns, but BAD to focus on doing what you do best, creating a product with the lowest material and energy costs?

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