A reasonable portable machine to crush glass into cullet to make recycling materials?

Saw a program on BBC2 i think where a man was living environmentally friendly,they got a machine and made cullet (crushed glass) .They used it for some sort of insulating/heat trap equipment. It was fine like glass , additionally i would ask
1)Is it safe
2)Could it be used in
a) Gardens
b) Areas of grass to convert to parking area's
Thanks if you respond fully i would be greatly appreciative

people in industry use small ball mills (maybe even something called an atritter mill). the media is something harder (zirconia or ceramic). for info on the mills, google "paint and coatings industry magazine" aka PCI mag. there you will find bazillions of people who make the above.

answers to your questions:
1 yes. just don't snort it.
2. yes, kind of. the glass is silica and you're effectively returning it back to the ground where it began. it will offer 0 nutrients to a garden. as long as you presift (and take the big stuff out) it could be used in a parking area.

Most people in industry use crushed glass as filler for industrial things (composites, plastics, etc)

consider the glass powder as an insulator- fiberglass insulation is an insulator due to the fine air pockets rather than the glass itself. a crushed glass could be used in this manner if not pressed or compacted to eliminate the air. glass thermal conductivity is pretty good. A poor property for an insulator.
We have been in business for 27 years and have used a rock crusher from an old quarry. It's still working after all of these years.

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